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Living Quarters Policies

Agricultural Operations has policies and regulations that give clear direction to residents who live in the Living Quarters.  A portion of the policies pay particular attention to fire and life safety issues.  The policies are outlined below:

Candles/Incense/Open Flames: Because of fire marshal regulations, candles in any form are prohibited in Living Quarters.
Open fires, including burning candles and activities potentially dangerous to property or disruptive to the community, such as incense and aromatic oils are also prohibited within Living Quarters. All items (including candles) will be confiscated and violators of any of these policies are subject to disciplinary and/or legal action.

In the event of an evacuation of any building(s), residents are to exit the building immediately per directions of staff. Staff may knock and then key in to each room to be sure all residents have exited the building. In the event of any emergency, be alert and responsive to instructions from staff.

Discharging firecrackers, fireworks, projectiles or any explosive device are prohibited. Violations of this include, but are not limited to, discharging or in any way attempting to discharge types of manufactured or homemade fireworks or flaming projectiles including cannons or bottle rockets inside or adjacent to Living Quarters. The size of the explosive is irrelevant. Violations of this policy may result in the termination of your housing license upon the first offense.

Electrical devices such as stereos, TVs, hair dryers, coffee pots, air popcorn poppers, blenders, radios and personal computers are permitted, if they are UL approved and portable. Space heaters are NOT permitted!

No Smoking! 
Smoking is prohibited in and around all buildings except were designated.  As of April 1, 2003, California State University, Fresno adopted a smoke-free campus policy and allotted for designated smoking areas on campus. This policy applies to all University facilities, owned or leased, regardless of location, athletic facilities, the amphitheater, and all state and auxiliary vehicles. This policy pertains to students, faculty, staff, administrators, visitors and the general public attending campus events.

You may not display any type of wall hangings, flags or posters on the ceiling. This is a fire hazard. During health and safety inspections you will be required to remove them. If not removed by resident in the time stipulated, Ag Operations reserves the right to remove them.

Fire Equipment
Tampering with fire equipment, e.g. fire alarms, extinguishers and smoke detectors is a violation of Ag Operations policies. Violations of this include, but are not limited to, removing a fire extinguisher from its prescribed location, fully or partially discharging a fire extinguisher for any purpose other than putting out a fire, tampering with smoke alarms located in public areas, taping smoke alarms in bedrooms, setting off false fire alarms, or removing or damaging exit lights and starting fires. Violations of this policy may result in the termination of your housing license upon the first offense.  Do not block firefighting equipment, fire doors, or exits with any material or equipment.

Keep your environment clean and tidy at all times.  Do not place items in aisles, corridors, in front of emergency exits, or electrical control panels.  Tools, equipment and chemicals shall be stored in designated spaces when not in use.  Do not place or stack material or equipment in such a manner that it constitutes a falling hazard.  If anything is spilled in the area, it should be cleaned up as soon as possible after it has been determined if the spilled substance is not hazardous.  If it is hazardous call Agricultural Operations, 559-278-2011 or Fresno State Police Department, 559-278-8400.  Pick up litter.  Don’t let tripping hazards exist.  Install cables and extension cords so they don’t trip you.

Fire Safety

It’s up to you to keep your living areas safe and prevent fire hazards.

  1. Always use a surge protector when plugging in multiple cords, especially computers or laptops.
  2. Use caution when cooking or utilizing the kitchen.
  3. Firefighting equipment and emergency exits must be kept clear and ready for immediate use.  Do not block them with equipment or material.  All personnel should be familiar with the position of firefighting equipment.
  4. Know where your primary exist route is, and what alternative emergency routes are available.  Always use the closest emergency door to exit when evacuating the building.
  5. Make sure flammable liquids and vapors are not exposed to ignition sources.  All flammable liquids must be dispensed from and transported in approved containers.  Glass containers are expressly forbidden.
  6. Report all fires, no matter how small to the Fresno State Police Department – 559.278-8400.
  7. Immediate response to small fires is essential.  If a fire occurs, the first consideration must be the safety of personnel.  All employees must be evacuated in the immediate area before attention can be given to the saving of property.  Notify your Supervisor and the University Police as soon as possible.
  8. Learn how to use the extinguisher in your area (frequently read the instructions label on extinguisher) and know where they are located.  If you are not sure, ask Ag Operations.

First Aid and Medical
Report all accidents and injuries to your supervisor regardless of whether anyone is injured and take steps to correct the factors that contribute to the accident.  If you injure yourself in any way, seek first aid treatment.  Seek treatment for all injuries, even small cuts, scratches or burns to prevent infection and need for further medical care.  An accident report must be completed by your supervisor even if you do not require medical care.  For assistance, contact the Fresno State Police Department, 559-278-8400.