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Fire Safety in Agricultural Operations Living Quarters

Fresno State Agricultural Operations has a total of eight (8) units and eight (8) bed spaces available for Ag Operations Living Quarters.  

Fire Safety Equipment

Smoke Detectors: All Living Quarters are equipped with smoke detectors. If your smoke detector needs maintenance, or emits a low battery beep, notify Ag Operations staff immediately by calling 559.278-2011.

Whenever a smoke detector alarm sounds, it is important to determine whether or not a fire emergency exists. If one does, or if it cannot be determined because the door to the room is locked, contact Fresno State Police Department at 559.278-8400.  Smoke detector alarms sound only in the room where they are activated, so you must notify the Fresno State Police Department if there is a fire. It is the responsibility of each resident to evacuate their Living Quarters when the alarm sounds or be subject to criminal prosecution, and fine. Tampering with a smoke detector or a fire alarm is a $100 fine.

Fire Extinguishers and Equipment: All Living Quarters are equipped with fire extinguishers which are to be used in the event that a minor fire should occur. If you find a fire extinguisher that is not in its proper place, please notify a staff at Agricultural Operations. Tampering with extinguishers is a $50 fine. False alarms, removal or unnecessary discharge of fire extinguishers, propping doors and removal of exit signs compromise the safety of the Living Quarters. Residents found engaging in the above listed activities may be dismissed from the Living Quarters. Other fire safety violations will be dealt with through the disciplinary process.