Strategic Priority 4

Idea Summary

Idea Submitter

Next Step

Explore greater collaboration between and support for various Pre K-High School mentoring/tutoring programs across campus.

Chris Fiorentino

Forward to Student Success task force

Place sanitation stands in each building, like they have at the Health Center as you walk in the entry way

Randy Villalobos

Forward to Facilities Management 

A study area with a playground structure for students with young children to utilize on campus.

Alexandra Ruggiero

Forward to CAIFE team

Create a food court that people would not WANT to leave campus for lunch

Greg Chapman

Forward to Dining Services; already have many dining options on campus, plus Campus Pointe venues nearby

Graduating students should get free digital headshots at Fresno State's Photo studio upon graduation.

Bernardo Reynoso

Forward to Alumni Association, College of Arts and Humanities 

Provide ONE location to view upcoming campus events and activities

Nancy Kobata

Previous CAIFE team did assess;  it was not feasible to have ONE calendar; University Advancement continues to explore options. 

Offer Students the opportunity to have a larger space for resources that are attainable and highly reputable. 

Jonathon Porter

Forward to new AVP for student success

Engage high school student-athletes in low-income communities to college campuses and leadership development opportunities.

Alexandra Clifton

Forward to CVELS committee. 

Streamline email addresses with student names to ensure emails are professional and simple to remember.

Riana Pryor

Can already do this; forward to TS

The Human Library: Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Monica Fusich

Forward to Cross Cultural and Gender Center; President’s Commission on Human Relations and Equity and CAIFE team

Offer extra activities for the students to help them stay in good shape.

Cho Ly

Already doing; forward to Student Health and Wellness 

Allow student, faculty, and staff organizations to sell food on campus as a form of fundraising.

Alida Espinoza

Not feasible

Add Fresno State "Teen", "Kid", "Boy", and/or "Girl" to the merchandise we have to add more school spirit, engagement, & pride across the community.

Maira M. Hernandez

Already doing; forward to Kennel Bookstore