Strategic Priority 3

Idea Summary

Idea Submitter

Next Step

Farm to table expansion of Gibson Farm Market

David Low

Forward to Farm Market

Parking Lot Optimization

Stephen Castillo

Forward to Parking and Transportation 

Enhance campus-walking routes with pre-recorded guided tours and interactive multimedia by Fresno State experts.

Angel Langridge

Forward to University Communications/Advancement 

Serving students through technology to decrease wait time and lines and increase productivity.

Mazie Moua

Forward to new AVP for Student Success

A centralized student success center One stop shop for student support services

Terence Wan

Forward to University Advancement 

"Share a Seat at Fresno State" Campaign

Enhance the experience of visiting Fresno State.

Arturo Mendoza

Forward to Campus Planning; added seating areas already in progress 

To improve graduation rates, give priority registration to any student who can graduate.

Dennis Padilla

Not feasible; already have practice in place that gives priority registration

Create a better line structure or canopies outside of the Resident Dining Hall especially during Summer.

Walter Ramirez

Forward to Resident Dining Hall

Increase campus safety with surveillance systems in high-risk areas for vulnerable populations

Pei-Ying Wu

Already doing; just added new video cameras in Peace Garden; forwarded to Public Safety 

Re-design the Campus Drive walkway by Engineering West for better accessibility and safety


Already underway; summer 19

Make campus people-oriented as opposed to car-oriented.

Casas Ruben

Already doing

Pedestrians can benefit from more safety measures on campus through markings, signage, and controlled crossings.

R. Joseph Rodriguez

Already doing; forward to Parking and Transportation 

Make the 1098T accessible to students through the Fresno State App.

Kristopher Westcott

Forward to Technology Services

A communicative liaison between Facilities Management and the campus to handle social media and information about projects and maintenance. 

Meredith Booey Sandrik

Just Began!

Upcycled buildings are cost effective and promote sustainability while assisting with overcrowding offices and departments.

Jody Burum

Forward to University Advancement

Make copiers across campus accessible to all faculty/staff with a swipe of ID card.

Dvera Saxton

Already doing. Copiers are accessible for all staff/faculty; charges incurred by the department where printer is located.  

Dignified waiting areas and seating for commuter students in academic buildings

Dvera Saxton

Forward to Campus Planning; work in progress

Getting Perforated Window Signs with bolder & enticing Bulldog display on our University Center windows.

Bernardo Reynoso

Forward to University Outreach; Print Shop can create