Strategic Priority 2


Idea Summary

Idea Submitter

Next Step

Paint a mural in each building that reflects what is taught in that building.

Travis Cronin

Not feasible

Campus Staff and Faculty need a state of the art gym for health and wellness.

Robert PageSmith

Not feasible; recreation center and wellness programs available

Offer support staff professional development funding

April Cardiel

Forward to staff recognition CAIFE team

Create "Student Staff = Future Professionals" training for all student staff under Division of Student Affairs

Ben Reynoso

Forward to Student Assistant Professional Development CAIFE team and Career Development Center

I wish to address the areas of development based on the workplace quality survey results. Communication is a definite area of improvement.

Renee Cromer

Forwarded to Organizational Excellence for implementation

Create a campus wide website to identify faculty doing research and their research topics

Kristi Closser

Forward to Division of Research and Graduate Studies

Challenge faculty/staff to maintain a workout regime to maintain a discounted membership at the Rec Center.

Jes Therkelsen

Forward to Organizational Excellence and Student Rec Center

Talk series on Self- Actualization Techniques from speakers belonging to different walks of life (e.g., behavior psychologists, pastors, spiritual gurus)

Neelam Chanda

Forward to Organizational Excellence and Student Wellness