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Whom do I contact with questions?

CSU Learn:

  • Suzanne Shaw
    Phone: 278-2083
  • Organizational Excellence 

Browser and technology related questions:

Preferred Browser: Chrome
NOTE: CSU Learn is not yet compatible for use with mobile phones.

IT Help Desk

Phone: 278-5000

Compliance courses:

Quick Tips

  • Don't use Internet Explorer.
  • Don't use mobile devices.
  • Disable your Pop-Up Blocker and AdBlocker (contact IT support if you don't know how to do that).
  • Before launching the CSU’s Discrimination Harassment Prevention Program course, click the word "Register" (and not the drop-down arrow).
  • Keep the background browser window open to record your completion.
  • You will receive an email confirming your course completion

Frequently Asked Questions





I can’t find the START button.

Please click on the word REGISTER - the START button will become visible after you register.

I already completed the Sexual Misconduct Prevention Program. Do I need to complete the CSU Discrimination Harassment Prevention Program?

Yes. All state employees are required to complete both of these programs.

I received a training email notification, but the links in the email aren’t working for me.

Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to log in to CSU Learn, click on the Assigned Training tile and then find the course you want to start.

When I launch training, I see some squares and an “in progress” message.

CSU Learn launches training in two windows: the content window and the tracking window. This “in progress” screen is the tracking window. Please minimize the tracking window and see if the course content is available in any other open windows. If you still can’t find the course content, please disable your popup blocker and re-launch the training.

When I launch training, I see a blank white window.

Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported by CSU Learn. Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox instead.

How do I find my transcript?

Using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, log in to CSU Learn, click on the Transcript tile and then the drop down arrow at the top left to review additional dates.

If you need assistance, please contact Suzanne Shaw (