Workshop Registration

Keynote: 8:00 – 8:50 am

The Spirit of Ubuntu: Three Questions to Change How You Work, Live and Lead

Shola Richards

This highly-engaging, memorable and actionable keynote will introduce participants to the transformative African concept of Ubuntu (pronounced, oo-BOON-too), which is translated to mean, “I am, because we are.” Additionally, Shola will share how Ubuntu, along with three powerful questions, will have the power to positively transform how we work, live and lead—starting today. Best of all, anyone can do this regardless of job rank, years of experience, level of education or professional title. Lastly, Shola will present a strategy to help the participants to deal more effectively with the challenges that they will face in their lives (professionally or otherwise), while also providing them with an additional tool to ensure that the participants stay committed to putting these strategies into action long after the keynote ends. If you are ready to start STAR Day with a powerful shot of inspiration, look no further.

Session 1: 9:00 – 9:50 am

The Power of Delivering Meaningful Feedback

Shola Richards, Keynote Speaker

Giving clear, constructive and meaningful feedback is critical for improving performance, bolstering morale, helping people to develop, ensuring staff retention, and ultimately, for successfully navigating high-stakes conversations. In this breakout session, Shola will introduce the S.M.I.L.E. Feedback Model, and demonstrate how this model can be used to help others continue behaviors that are positively affecting the team, as well as help others to stop behaviors that are negatively affecting the team.

Me & You: Understanding One Another In the Workplace

Rima Maldonado & Troy Polnitz

Using the Principles of Community, we will discuss Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and strategies for taking care of yourself day to day, navigating through the workday, and supporting others dealing with anxiety.

Harnessing the Positive Energy of Stress: How to Manage Stress When Stress is Unavoidable

Dr. Jackie Ryle

An interactive mini-seminar that addresses how to manage stress when stress is unavoidable. Rate your own stress level, and explore how to use the energy of stress in positive, productive ways.

Health Over Healthcare: Healing My Body With Food

Rebecca Wass, Communications Specialist for the Lyles College of Engineering

Join Rebecca Wass, Communication Specialist for the Lyles College of Engineering, as she shares her journey to wellness through the power of food. At the age of 28, she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and in an attempt to reduce her medications and live a full life, Wass took her health into her own hands. Now a Master of Public Health student, she wants to inspire and empower others to work to prevent disease or address their current disease situation by way of her story.

Storytelling Through Social Media Video

Domenick Satterberg & Asheline Beeson

Explore tips and tricks from our university storytellers on how to successfully plan and execute videos across multiple social media platforms. Also learn about story development, captioning best practices and common social media video dimensions.

Charting A Successful Career & Life

Jill Wagner, Director of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

We all want to know that the work contributions we make matter. You’ll hear how your personal leadership is essential to your organization’s success. Learn seven leadership and seven interpersonal skills you need to build the career – and the life – you want. Gain the quiet confidence needed to be an effective influencer and a voice that is not only heard, but required. We’ll also review the reasons why it’s important to bring your authentic self to work each day in this fun presentation.

Session II: 10:00 – 10:50 am

Zoos & Universities: Our Missions Are Aligned

Scott Barton, CEO Chaffee Zoo

In education and serving our community, the mission of zoos and universities have many similarities. There are, however, some important differences. We’ll discuss Fresno Chaffee Zoo’s evolution and our collaborations with Fresno State.

John C. Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Emogene Nelson

“Potential” implies possibilities, heralds hope, and unveils greatness. John C. Maxwell has identified proven principles for upgrading your capacities to lead others and generate results with strategies you can apply immediately to have the greatest impact with your time, talent, and influence. Learn how to effectively reach your potential by understanding and implementing John C. Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

The Art of Laughter: Effective Strategies for Professional & Personal Wellness

Dr. Jody Hironaka-Juteau & Janet Hironaka

This interactive workshop will explore strategies to facilitate wellness through the integration of humor and laughter in our professional and personal lives. By applying the principles of gelotology, the study of laughter and its effects on the human body from the psychological and physiological perspective, we can become healthful and stronger individuals, and grow into our best selves and capabilities.

Hiking Three Rivers and Sequoia National Park

Dr. Matthew Zivot, OIE

Sequoia National Park and its surrounding area is a wonderland of hiking and snowshoeing opportunities. Winter and Spring bring waterfalls and flowers to the foothills, and feet of snow to the sequoia groves. Summer and Fall open up walks among the sequoias and bring flowers to the high Sierra meadows. Join me to discuss hiking opportunities for all skill levels, how to prepare to be among the trees and out of cellphone reception, and where to get the best burger by the river when the day is over.

Aesthetic Pruning for the Home Garden

Dawn Truelsen, Technology Services

With its foundation in Japanese garden pruning, bonsai and arboriculture, aesthetic pruning incorporates visual art and design principles to the pruning of small trees and shrubs in the landscape. You will learn how aesthetic pruning can be applied to your home garden.

Harry Potter & the Magic of Grief

Georgianna Negron-Long

Utilizing themes from Harry Potter and other media (books, videos, etc.) as well as personal stories, we will have an open discussion about grief and loss. Discover the grief process and common reactions to grief, communicating with children through grief, the transformative power of grief, and how to support yourself and others through the grieving process.

Session III: 1:30 – 2:20 pm

Praise, Gratitude & Vision Boards

Amanda Stewart & Diana Karageozian

Learn different tools and ways to spread good cheer and reach your goals through praise, gratitude, and vision boards. The session will include a quick discussion, followed by a hands on activity to use gratitude in your work as a form of self-care. Inspired by our Principles of Community, we will introduce gratitude and praise strategies for stress management, wellness, and relationship building, and you will also work on a vision board that is personalized for you.

Dealing with Hearing Losses: The Struggles and Victories

Paul Ogden & Linda Day

A panel of individuals from Fresno State will be discussing the challenges and learning-experiences related to hearing loss, especially for those losing their hearing later in life. This panel will be moderated by Linda Day, a hard of hearing professional, and will be an opportunity for guests to have candid, open conversations about their experiences dealing with hearing loss and struggling to cope and adapt to the new challenges in their lives.

King of the Grill

Learn what it takes to become the ultimate grill master, just in time for summer!

VIP Reception

Open to service award recipients only

In honor of reaching an important milestone in your Fresno State career, the STAR Day committee and members of Cabinet invite all service award recipients to attend a private reception.  Celebrate with fellow staff, participate in exclusive photo opportunities and share with fellow honorees accomplishments over the years.

Love and Compassion Based Yoga and Meditation

Maritere Lopez

In this workshop, you will first be guided through dynamic yoga poses focusing on opening the heart, literally and figuratively. Then, you will participate in a loving kindness meditation, focusing on love and compassion for both yourself and others. The practice will begin with a short introduction and "settling into the space," setting the stage for a 30-minute yoga flow. We will end with a 15-minute metta meditation practice.


Student Rec Center

Are you ready to party yourself into shape? Forget the workout, just lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape at the original dance-fitness party. Zumba® classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before you know it, you'll be getting fit and your energy levels will be soaring! It's easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating.

Appreciating Diversity, Developing Empathy, and Becoming an Upstander on Campus

Matt Jendian

Participants will have an opportunity to recognize the breadth and value diversity can bring to a workplace, as well as practice empathic skills to respond to bigotry or bullying on campus and beyond.

Closing Ceremony: 2:30 – 3:30 pm

The Heart of Ubuntu: The Keys to Creating a Culture of Unstoppable Positivity

Shola Richards, Keynote speaker

Almost every professional on earth wants to work on a team with high levels of trust, conscious accountability, and open communication--but getting there isn’t always easy. In this powerful closing session, Shola will end the day by introducing the STAR Day participants to the eight, highly-researched keys of Ubuntu. Additionally, he will show the participants how to immediately use those practical keys to enhance teamwork, communication and professionalism on their own teams, with near-surgical effectiveness. If you want to ensure that the positive change on your work team is significant and long-lasting, this closing session will faithfully provide the roadmap for you. Without a doubt, this session will end STAR Day on a very high note.