Opening Ceremony

The Spirit of Ubuntu: Three Questions to Change How You Work, Live and Lead

This highly-engaging, memorable and actionable keynote will introduce participants to the transformative African concept of Ubuntu (pronounced, oo-BOON-too), which is translated to mean, “I am, because we are.” Additionally, Shola will share how Ubuntu, along with three powerful questions, will have the power to positively transform how we work, live and lead—starting today. Best of all, anyone can do this regardless of job rank, years of experience, level of education or professional title. Lastly, Shola will present a strategy to help the participants to deal more effectively with the challenges that they will face in their lives (professionally or otherwise), while also providing them with an additional tool to ensure that the participants stay committed to putting these strategies into action long after the keynote ends. If you are ready to start STAR Day with a powerful shot of inspiration, look no further

Closing Ceremony

The Heart of Ubuntu: The Keys to Creating a Culture of Unstoppable Positivity

Almost every professional on earth wants to work on a team with high levels of trust, conscious accountability, and open communication--but getting there isn’t always easy. In this powerful closing session, Shola will end the day by introducing the STAR Day participants to the eight, highly-researched keys of Ubuntu. Additionally, he will show the participants how to immediately use those practical keys to enhance teamwork, communication and professionalism on their own teams, with near-surgical effectiveness. If you want to ensure that the positive change on your work team is significant and long-lasting, this closing session will faithfully provide the roadmap for you. Without a doubt, this session will end STAR Day on a very high note.


Shola Richards - Star Day