About Us

Our goal is to improve organizational resilience, capacity and engagement using learning strategies and professional development opportunities designed to support human potential and promote a culture of innovation.


  1. To serve as a resource to the Strategic Planning Committee, providing opportunities to review progress and set direction that will lead to achieving organizational goals and targeted results.
  2. To provide a comprehensive professional development program that enhances learning capacities in the following areas:
    • Leadership
    • Technology
    • Customer Service
    • Change Management
    • Innovation
    • Process Improvement
    • Communication
    • Developing Vision
  3. To recognize employees for their personal achievements in professional development, milestone years of service and volunteerism.
  4. To support the holistic needs of the campus community through wellness and fitness development opportunities that support lifelong learning.
  5. To support the university in succession planing by engaging emerging employees in mentoring opportunities that enhance leadership capacities.