Session 1 
9:10 – 10:00am 

Essential Tools for Servant Leaders
Dr. Joseph I. Castro & First Lady Mary Castro
Two perspectives on the types of tools you need as a servant leader when dealing with unique challenges and situations.  Strategies that we have found to be useful in preserving passion and integrity while being effective in reaching professional goals.


Diffusing Conflict With Conversation
Amy Luna
We all face difficult and high-stress situations that, if not handled
correctly, lead to increased conflict and escalating situations.  Join Amy Luna as she discusses critical
communication strategies to effectively calm upset individuals and diffuse
high-intense situations.


Get Started and Save For the Future You
Joshua Felsenfeld & Juanita Aguilar
This session will assist you in understanding the benefits of enrolling in the CSU Tax Sheltered Annuity Program - 403 (b), a voluntary pre-tax savings plan.   This program will help reduce your taxable income while investing for your future retirement.    Join us in learning how this program can supplement your CalPERS retirement by exploring how much to save by accessing the tools and calculator on the Fidelity Investments website.


What You Eat Does Matters
Dr. Lisa Herzig
Join us as we take you on a tour of foods that promote health and nutritional wealth. You will learn about the benefits of eating locally, in season, and from Fresno State's own backyard. Food samples will be provided.


Living Your Passion
Cary Edmondson
Most of us have something we're passionate about doing in our spare time. But what if there was a way to turn your hobby into a source of income? This workshop will cover the 15 year photography career of Cary Edmondson and highlight some of the decisions and photography techniques that helped him achieve International recognition for his work as a University photographer, and also the strategies that helped him maintain consistent work as a contract photographer for USA Today Sports Images.

NEW! Take Control of Your World: Technology Tips to Improve Productivity
Orlando Leon & Mike Pronovost
Technology experts Orlando Leon and Mike Pronovost discuss the latest apps and programs you can leverage to improve your personal productivity and the productivity of teams you work with.  

Session 2
10:10- 11:00am

Professional Growth at Fresno State: From Student Assistants to Campus Leaders
Bob Boyd & Debbie Adishian-Astone
Debbie Adishian-Astone began her career at Fresno State in 1988 as a student assistant working in Facilities Planning. She is currently the Vice President for Administration overseeing Facilities, Human Resources/Payroll, Public Safety/Parking, Organizational Excellence and Auxiliary Services. Bob Boyd started at Fresno State in 1976 as a student assistant in the Electric Shop in Plant Operations. He has managed the work control center, served as assistant director of plant operations and director of plant operations and has been the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management since 2005. Join Bob and Debbie for a walk through their journeys at Fresno State. Hear how the campus has changed and how Fresno State supported their personal and professional growth.  


Celebrating YOU! Celebrating US!
Dr. Francine Oputa
Taking risks, moving out of YOUr comfort zone! These elements make interacting cross culturally scary for a lot of us. Add to that, many of us struggle with seeing ourselves when we hear terms like "diversity" and "multicultural". Come into a safe and welcoming space and feel empowered to stretch YOUr comfort zone and envision YOUrself in the rich cultural tapestry that is Fresno State. It all starts with YOU! 


Exploring Yosemite: Tips, Tricks, & Hidden Secrets
Jim Michael
Weekend getaways are a great way to relieve work-related stress. Right in our backyard, Yosemite is one of the crown jewels of our National Park system and the place where the national park idea was born. Learn how you can get the most out of your visit to Yosemite. Discover the park's best kept secrets and tricks that will help you avoid the crowds to catch this majestic place at its best.


Building Your Professional Brand as You Grow From Within
Betsy Hays
Learn the keys to merging your authentic self with your professional brand. Set yourself up for success by identifying your brand, building it, and then protecting it. On- and offline techniques will be shared, as well as often-overlooked behaviors that could mean the difference between a fabulous brand and a mediocre one. Careful and vigilant attention to your brand can make the difference in achieving your goals! 


Owning Your Story
Jill Hendrickson
Human beings live on stories, but we often shy away from sharing our
own, because it feels too painful or it seems too personal. But your story
contains enormous power. Having the courage to share it makes you authentic and approachable, because what's most personal is what's most universal. Owning your story also makes you a leader by allowing you to be a beacon of hope to others who are stuck and suffering. In this hands-on workshop, bestselling author Jill Hendrickson will show you how the power of your story can even make you a real-life alchemist, turning your "mess" into your ultimate


Collaborative Relationships
Tracy Knofla
In today’s climate we often see employees neglecting resources they have – staff in other departments. This session will focus on how your staff can create relationships with other departments will creating a campus-wide experience for students, parents, and all staff.  Inter-departmental communication, collaboration and accountability will be discussed.


Session 3

Completing the Puzzle:  One Piece at a Time
Paula Castadio & Dr. Frank Lamas
Join Dr. Frank Lamas and Paula Castadio as they share the challenges and successes of their personal paths that led them to where they are today, and how these personal lessons can help encourage your success in work and in life. 


I Dare You to Live Your Life!
Armen Bacon
A thought-provoking, high-octane presentation that will remind participants that now is the time to chase dreams, take risks, live out loud (with passion and a little madness). Armen Bacon will talk about her book, My Name is Armen and life as an author. She will also share her personal journey, what prompted her to write her first book, Griefland, how words became her oxygen, and the valuable life lessons learned along the way. 


Speak Up For Fresno State
Shirley Armbruster & Kathleen Schock
As the University’s profile continues to rise, every touch point offers an opportunity to make a lasting and positive impression. "Speak Up for Fresno State" will help you feel at ease when you're asked about the University, whether you're with friends at the park, at a youth soccer game or with alumni at a campus event. You will learn how to become an intentional communicator and how to make your own personal “elevator speech” memorable.


Yoga for the Workplace
Cheryl Jackson
We often times do not realize the significant toll daily stress can take on our physical bodies and emotional capacity.  In this interactive workshop, learn techniques of breathing, meditating, and posture that can transform your mood, relieve stress, and improve your physical body through brief yoga practices that can be accomplished throughout your workday.  


Financial Wellness & Identity Theft
Rebecca Baker
Over 898 million Americans have had their identities stolen or lost since 2005 (  The impact on you and your family is far reaching.  Understand the problem of identity theft and how you can take concrete, practical steps to prevent you and your family from becoming victims. Empower yourself to understand the depths of identity theft, obtain 12 simple and effective identify theft prevention tips, and learn how to become and stay financially sound.


Butts 'N Gutts
Rec Center
This challenging, 45-minute class is specifically designed to target your core and lower body through a combination of exercises utilizing equipment and your own body weight. This class will work on shaping and toning your abs, butt, hips and thighs.