Bootcamp for New Managers

New managers will have the opportunity to build leadership skills and supervision capabilities through workshops and ongoing networking opportunities.  Workshops will focus on how to create a positive, engaging, and productive culture, increasing managerial effectiveness, and how to align talent with the strategic mission of the University.  More specifically, these workshops will focus on addressing three common challenge areas new managers face:

1.)   Personal Challenges

Time management, stress, saying no, ability to discipline, do I have what it takes, lack of respect from former peers, managing people, how to build a high performing team, methods for achieving results, strengthen core leadership skills, listening, questioning and clarifying outcomes.

2.)   Organizational Challenges

Support from leadership, campus policies, campus environment, Fresno State supervisory policies and Collective Bargaining Agreements, who and when to contact if problems arise, navigating offices within the University, Budgeting/Accounting 101.

3.)   Employee Challenges

Situational leadership, effective discipline, performance evaluations, performance management, difficult employees, conflicts, lack of motivation.


Individuals who are new to the role of manager/supervisor are eligible to apply.  A cohort of approximately 24 participants will be selected.  Participants must submit an application expressing why they wish to participate and will be required to secure support from their AVP/Director/Dean.  Attendance at all sessions is expected.