Discover a Healthy U

At Fresno State we aspire to achieve work-life balance by incorporating health and wellness into the everyday lives of our community members. From semester challenges to noontime and after work Activity Classes, we focus on working together to increase healthy behaviors like drinking water, meditating, attending fitness classes, and reaching personal goals.  Join one of our challenges to have weekly newsletters filled with healthy recipes, quick workouts, transformation stories, and wellness standings, every week. 

Fall 2018 Wellness Class Schedule:

 Fall Wellness Classes

Wellness Activities To Do On Your Own:

  • Walk a Bulldog Trail
  • Drink 80 oz of water every day
  • Walk 10,000 steps every day OR complete 20 minutes of vigorous exercise 3 days OR complete 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days
  • Eat 3 servings of fruits and vegetables every day
  • Complete 1 mindfulness exercise
  • Meditate for 15 minutes
  • Try the Transformation Challenge weekly recipe
  • Post a photo or status on social media using #fresnostatetransformationchallenge
  • Bring a friend to an Organizational Excellence fitness class
  • Attend a fitness class at the Rec Center
  • Attend a fitness class at your gym
  • Do a workout at home
  • Walk a Bulldog Trail with 2+ people
  • Complete the exercise challenge in the Transformation Challenge Newsletter
  • Choose to exercise when you did not want to
  • Reach a personal goal
  • Attend Winning With A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Attend an Organizational Excellence fitness class (e.g., Chisel, Pilates, Circuit Training)