CAIFE 3.0 (2018-19)

Project Descriptions

There are 13 Bold Ideas being implemented through 10 project teams as part of CAIFE 3.0.  Each of the projects align with one of the four strategic priorities.

Student appointments are forthcoming. Check back for more information once the teams begin their work in Fall 2018. 


Kids Locker

Idea submitted by: Dr. Susan Schlievert and Dr. Jennifer Randles

Team: Larissa Mercado-Lopez, Alicia Nelson, Brittney Randolph, Amber Crowell, student from CCGC

Sponsor: President Castro

Summary of idea: A bring-and-take space for families. Combine with idea to create diaper bank for parenting students who experience diaper need as impediment to academic success.


Graduate School at Fresno State

Idea submitted by: Jim Marshall

Team: Jim Marshall, Tere Lopez, Malisa Lee, Amanda Eberline, Chuck Radke, Graduate student, Caty Perez

Sponsor: Bob Harper and Dennis Nef

Summary of idea: Establish the Graduate School at Fresno State to enhance graduate education.



Idea submitted by: Ram Nunna

Team: Ram Nunna, Jenny Diaz, Paula Heuston, Max Tsai, Kathy Dunbar, Terence Wan, Mike Pronovost, Student Senate rep

Sponsor: Orlando Leon and Dennis Nef

Summary of Idea: A mobile app that will provide students a graphical representation of their progress towards their degree.


Center/Clearinghouse for Undergraduate Research

Idea submitted by: Tamas Forgacs and John Walkup

Team: Ulrike Muller, Rodrigo Gomez, Tamas Forgacs, Amanda Dinscore, ASI rep

Sponsor: Bob Harper and Dennis Nef

Summary of Idea: Establish a center for Undergraduate Research. Combined with idea to build under graduate clearinghouse to match students with faculty.



Faculty/Staff Recognition Program

Idea submitted by: Jonathan Castro and Matthew Doyle

Team: Adrian Ramirez, Mary Bennett, Jonathan Castro, Jon Biggane, Nancy Kobata, Matthew Doyle, Katie Williamson

Sponsor: Debbie Astone

Summary of Idea: Create program to recognize staff and faculty for exemplary work. Combine with idea to create a unified Fresno State digital badging and credential platform.


We Are Fresno State

Idea submitted by: Katherine Fobear

Team: Peter Robertson, Kiana Medina, Deyanire Del Toro, Jenny Toste

Sponsor: Paula Castadio

Summary of Idea: Create advocacy and awareness participatory video with LGBTQ students, faculty and staff.


Student Assistant Mentor Program

Idea submitted by: Michael Harding

Team: Sheila Gallagher-Price, Sharon Ramirez, Mark Salwasser, Erin Boele, Student Assistant (4th year), Mai Kou Vang, Mara Brady

Sponsor: Larry Salinas and Debbie Astone

Summary of Idea: Create a student assistant mentor program and other appropriate professional development programming for student assistants.



Maker Space

Idea submitted by: John Marshall

Team: Lars Newlander, Colin Stewart, Wei Wu, William Hardaway, student representative, Balaji Sethuramasamyraja

Sponsor: Orlando Leon and Delritta Hornbuckle

Summary of Idea: Create a Maker Space on campus for use by students and community. Existing space in engineering, Ag or library could be re purposed.



Blended Arts Festival

Idea submitted by: Jose ElaGarza

Team: Barbara Windmiller, Faith Sidlow, Gina Sandi-Diaz, Jose ElaGarza, David Hembree, ASI CAH representative

Sponsor: Larry Salinas and Paula Castadio

Summary of Idea: Create an opportunity for artists from the campus community to network with other artists and showcase students’ artwork.


Bulldog Transfer Center

Idea submitted by: Ignacio Hernandez

Team: Amanda Stewart, Jesse Farias, Erica Lassen, Tamera Pullins, Bernadette Muscat, Catherine Kuchar, David Shoemaker

Sponsor: Frank Lamas and Patti Waid

Summary of Idea: Create a web based student support center for community college transfer students.