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Can I See My Personal Physician if I am injured on the job?

You have the right to be treated by a "personal physician" * if the physician is designated prior to the injury or illness. In the event you sustain an injury or illness related to your employment, you may be treated for such injury or illness by your personal medical doctor (M.D.) or a doctor of osteopathic (D.O.) if all of the following apply:

  • Your employer offers group health coverage.
  • The doctor is your regular physician* who:
    • Shall be either a physician who has limited his or her practice of medicine to general practice or who is a board-certified or board-eligible internist, pediatrician, obstetrician-gynecologist, or family practitioner;
    • Has previously directed your medical treatment;
    • Retains your medical records.
  • Prior to the injury your doctor agrees to treat you for work injuries or illnesses
  • Prior to the injury you provided your employer the following in writing:
    • Notice that you want your personal doctor to treat you for a work-related injury or illness
    • Your personal doctor's name, business address, and signature

Please complete the Predesignated Physicians form. The form must be returned to Tracey Garza, Workers' Compensation Manager, at Mail Stop JA41.

*NOTE: If you would like to see your own Chiropractor, you must contact Tracey Garza at 278-2125 for additional instructions.