Nursing Mothers and Lactation Support

California State University, Fresno provides accommodations to employees who are nursing mothers that comply with federal and state law.  Such accommodations include reasonable break time as often as the nursing mother requires and access to a comfortable and private space for the purpose of expressing milk at convenient locations on campus.  Additionally, an employee who works in a private office assigned exclusively to her may express milk in her office provided the space meets the requirements of the “Nursing Mothers and Lactation Support” policy.  This policy, which explains lactation support benefits, may be found ( Clicking Here).  An employee who has any questions regarding lactation support benefits should contact her manager or Human Resources at 559.278.2032.

Currently, Fresno State has three (on campus) lactation stations located in the following areas:

Location Photo

Women's Resource Center, Room 110A

Please contact the Center at (559) 278-4435 for access.

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Thomas Administration Building

First Floor, Room 114

Please contact Human Resources (559) 278-2032 for access.

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East Engineering Building

Second Floor, Room next to Women's Restroom

Please contact Human Resources (559) 278-2032 for access.

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Joyal Administration

Nursing employees may access any of the stations from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.  Each station is private and contains a comfortable chair that will support a breast pump. 

All lactation stations are locked.  An employee may obtain access to the station by visiting the Human Resources Department (Room 211, Joyal Administration Building) after she returns from pregnancy leave or at any appropriate time thereafter.  Human Resources will issue to the employee a temporary “locknetic” pass card granting station access for a period of three to five days and order for the employee a pass card granting access for a longer period.  The employee is responsible for obtaining the second pass card at the campus lock shop.

A user experiencing any difficulties with the operation of a lactation station should report a problem to Plant Operations at 559.278.2373.