Temporary Employees


Temporary help employees are paid hourly.  The hourly rate and term of employment will be on the employee’s appointment letter prepared by Human Resources after appointment has been approved. 

Pay Schedule

Pay days are on the 15th of each month following the previous pay period. If the 15th falls on a weekend or on a holiday when campus is closed, then pay day will be on the prior business day.  On the calendar, temporary help payday is indicated by $. 

Direct Deposit

Verify actual Direct Deposit posting dates with your financial institution. 


Vouchers are used to record hours worked.  They are forwarded to Payroll Services and processed after the close of the pay period.  Pay is based on actual time worked. Vouchers are due at Payroll Services on the last day of pay period. Refer to calendar.

Leave Usage

If vacation or sick leave credits are used, they are entered on the day they were used and totaled.  For holidays, pay hours are based on the number of hours worked in the month, if applicable.  Contact Employment and Benefit Services if you are uncertain of your eligibility for accruing leave credits.

Holiday/Personal Holiday

Holiday pay for eligible temporary employees is based on the number of hours worked in the pay period in which the holiday is scheduled.  Personal holiday hours and holiday hours are calculated in the same way.  Retired annuitants are not entitled to holiday pay.

When there is a holiday in a pay period, please refer to the Personal Holiday and Holiday Pay Chart  Adobe Reader Logoto determine the number of eligible hours of holiday pay. Refer to the same chart when using Personal Holiday.


A temporary help employee who has a total of 36 hours to be paid, including sick leave and vacation credits used, would be entitled to a holiday or Personal Holiday worth 2 hours. 

Temporary help employees are also entitled for holiday informal time off, if they are scheduled to work on the holiday, for example, informal time off ordered by the Governor in December.