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Student Assistant Manual

Employment Requirements

Student Assistants are hired by departments.  Departments are responsible for updating student employment records in PeopleSoft HCM.  Departments must direct all student assistants to Payroll Services within three days of their employment to complete employment forms. By law, all employees are required to complete the employment documents within three days of starting work. Students who do not complete this requirement are not authorized to work. All employment documents can be completed at Payroll Services, Joyal 249.  The verification process requires documents that establish work eligibility and identity. Examples of such documents are found in the I-9 Form.

The new hire forms are found in the Forms and Publications Student Assistant Forms section. New student assistants must go to Payroll to receive a Certificate of Work Eligibility Form.

Enrollment Requirements

  • Students assistants must be currently enrolled at Fresno State.  The minimum units for undergraduates are 6 units and 4 units for those enrolled in graduate work. 
  • Continuing students must haven taken courses in the preceding Spring Semester and be accepted for classes in the following Fall Semester in order to be eligible for employment during the Summer.
  • Entering students may be employed as student assistants if they have received formal notice of admission to Fresno State.

Work Restrictions

Students employed under the Student Assistant or Work-Study chartfield are limited to a maximum of 20 hours of work per week in combination of jobs during any week in which regular classes are scheduled.  Students may work up to, but not more than 40 hours per week during any week in which classes are not is session.  Student assistants are not eligible for overtime.


Department Employee - Go to Payroll Services
Hiring Change Name
Changing Pay Rate Change Address
Terminating Change Withholding
Bridging Change Citizenship Status
Submitting late student vouchers to Payroll Update Work Permit

Please notify Payroll Services if you are have questions about data changes. The following is the link for Time Administration documentation in PAWS.

How to Report Hours Worked

All student assistants are required to complete a Student Assistant Voucher for every pay period during which they are employed and submit them to the department’s timekeeper in a timely manner in order to meet processing deadlines. If the voucher is submitted late by the student, then the department must forward a copy of the voucher to Payroll. Hours worked will be processed manually causing a delay in payment.  


Enter time on the voucher in whole hours and 10ths.  Do not use fractions.  For example: 2-1/2 hours worked is entered on the voucher as 2.5.  See Minute Conversion Chart. Adobe PDF Logo

Bridge Employment

Wages earned while in Bridge employment are subject to retirement (7.5%) and Medicare tax (1.45%) deductions. The Related Links contains more information in Bridge Student Assistants. Retirement funds that have been deducted from bridge employees can only be withdrawn 90 days after separation.  PST Refund FormAdobe PDF Logo

Pay Disbursement

Checks and direct deposit advices are available at the Cashier’s Office at the Joyal Administration Lobby. Call the Cashier’s Office at 559.278.2641 for more information.

Insurance Coverage

All student assistants are covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance. All accidents, regardless of how small, must be reported to work site supervisors as soon as possible. Failure to notify supervisors promptly of an injury may relieve the State of responsibility or liability.

Statement of Earnings (W-2)

After January 15th, the State Controller's Office will mail your W-2 to the address on file in their database.  It is important to keep your mailing address current.  You can change your mailing address on PeopleSoft using Employee Self Service or go to Payroll Services, Joyal Administration 249, and fill out an EAR Form.