Fiscal Year and Academic Year Calendar

Calendar Icons

faculty and staff pay icon Payday for faculty and staff
student assistant and temporary help pay icon Payday for student assistants and temporary help
Direct Deposit Direct deposit posting date
Holiday-Campus Closed Holiday - campus closed
Leave usage report due Temporary Help Vouchers due at Payroll Services
Start date for Student Time Entry End date for student time entry Student time entry available
Cut-off deadline at Payroll Services Cut-off, i.e., Deadline for submitting any pay documents intended to be effective on payday to Payroll
APS/HR deadline at Payroll Services Deadline for submitting APS/HR PPTs to Payroll
TBA Deadline for submitting Temporary Help Vouchers to Payroll
Absence Management Cut-Off Deadline Absence Management cut-off deadline
Student/Hourly Intermittent Time Approval deadline