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Regional Education for Achievement in Leadership (REAL)

The Regional Education for Achievement in Leadership (REAL) program is designed to provide university leaders with a comprehensive and applied understanding of contemporary leadership concepts, tools and strategies. The objective of the program is to enhance the knowledge and core competencies best suited to ensuring individual leadership success and the advancement of the university.

Eligibility and Nomination

Managers, Associate Deans, Department Chairs and other MPP leaders deemed qualified by their appropriate Division Head are eligible to recieve a Nomination to the REAL program.

A Nomination to participate in this program is obtained by invitation only. Participants must be nominated by their manager and approved by their Division Head. Individuals interested in participating in the REAL program should contact their immediate manager. All nominations are accepted, reviewed and submitted for a formal selection of attendees during the Fall.

About the Program

 facilitated by the Central Valley Educational Leadership Institute (CVELI) as well as faculty from the Kremen School of Education and Human Development. The program is divided into six interactive workshops, each targeting a different component of leadership. The workshops are:

  • Developing the Leader Within
  • University Leadership: Perspectives from the Inside
  • Leading and Motivating Teams
  • Thinking Holistically: Shaping Effective Challenges to Campus Solutions
  • Effective Leadership Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Managing Power, Conflict and Organizational Politics