Staff Mentorship Program

The mentoring program supports the professional growth of Fresno State employees by pairing them with an experienced mentor who provides professional development, networking opportunities and assistance in achieving personal and professional goals. The program provides a supportive structure in which staff can cultivate contacts, explore challenges and design strategies for personal growth and professional development that align with their career goals at Fresno State.

Participants in the Mentor program will attend the annual mentorship summit (scheduled for October 23, 2015), monthly luncheons with guest speakers and training sessions to enhance knowledge about best practices in building a successful mentoring relationship.

Call for Protégés

Applications will soon be available for staff interested in participating as proteges in the 2015-2016 program. We are seeking highly motivated staff members who:

  • Have a clear short-term and long-term professional goals
  • Are committed to personal and professional growth
  • Demonstrate the ability to take initiative and are open to feedback from others

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