Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development programs are designed to provide the university with a comprehensive and applied understanding of contemporary leadership concepts, tools and strategies. The objective of our program is to enhance the knowledge and core competencies best suited to ensuring individual leadership success at all levels of the university.

iLEAD (Coming Soon)

The "i"ndividual leadership development program or iLEAD is a self-paced, online leadership development series that is geared at introducing and cultivating the core competencies of leadership in practice.

  • Eligibility
    The iLEAD program will be open to all current Fresno State faculty, staff and student assistants. Refer back to this web page for updates and announcements.

  • Participation
    To participate in the iLEAD program, simply login to LEAD Online and select the iLEAD link. As the program is self-guided, participates may complete each module at their convenience. In order to earn a certificate of completion, participants must complete all iLEAD modules by the end of the academic year.  

uLEAD (Proposed)

Building off of the leadership competency gained from the iLEAD program, the "u"niversity leadership development program or uLEAD would harness the leadership concepts from iLEAD and contextualize them in order to demonstrate the big picture of applied university leadership.

weLEAD (In Development)

This multilevel leadership development concept is designed to cultivate new leaders from the ground up. The iLEAD program provides leadership competency for the individual, the uLEAD concept would provide contextual applied leadership competency on an organizational scale and the "weLEAD" program would increase the scope of leadership competency to develop capacities on a system-wide scale.