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Compensation Review Program

These guidelines are provided to assist and inform managers and collective bargaining employees alike. However, they apply only to collective bargaining positions and not to those classified in the Management Personnel Program.

Classification is the organizing of positions into groups (or classes) on the basis of similar duties, responsibilities and qualification requirements. A class is a specific group of occupational positions, which are similar in duties and responsibilities so as to justify common treatment in compensation, qualification requirements and other employment policies and procedures.

Classification Review Program Guide

Table of Contents
I. Purpose and Program Definition
II. General Information

      A. Classification Program Objectives and Mission

      B. Developing and Establishing a Job Description

      C. Changing Position Duties/Updating a Job Description

      D. Temporary Assignment or Temporary/Permanent Reassignment Resulting in Reclassification

      E. New Position Classification

      F. Reclassification Upon Replacement

      G. Management’s Role in the Classification Process

      H. Types of Classification Reviews

III. Policy: Classification Review Program

      A. Delegation of Classification Authority and Overall Policy

      B. Employee Working Below the Current Classification Level: Red Circle Rate

      C. Classification Effective Dates

      D. Documents Required

      E. Appeal Procedures