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Employees may take a leave of absence to care for a child either before or after birth or placement with the employee for adoption or foster care and thus are entitled to Paid Maternity / Paternity / Adoption Leave according to what their bargaining unit specifies. Additionally, an employee out on pregnancy disability may qualify for Nonindustrial Disability Insurance.

How to Initiate a Parental Leave

Contact Human Resources Joyal Adm. Rm 164, 278-2032 and make an appointment to complete the necessary forms and to get further information. If you are unable to come to the office for an appointment, please call 278-2032 and speak to a Human Resources Generalist for more information. The required forms and doctor’s verifications are listed below.

Requirements for Leave

To participate, an employee must complete the following:

  • Family and Medical Leave Notice and Request Form (if you are eligible; please see Your Rights Under FMLA for more information).
  • Certification of Health Care Provider
  • Request for Leave of Absence Form
  • Doctor’s Verifications:
    • Doctor’s Verification for disability due to pregnancy (maternity Leave Only).
    • Doctor’s Verification to release you to work (Maternity Leaves only. Usually given at the doctor’s appointment six to eight weeks post partum. Family Medical Leave will begin after the doctor releases you.)
    • For Paternity, a doctor’s verification from the mother’s doctor.
    • For Adoption/Foster Care, a copy of the adoption forms.
  • Attendance Summaries are to be turned in as usual to Payroll detailing how your leave credits will be used.

Supplemental Programs