Division Goals for the Plan for Excellence IV

The university's strategic plan, The Plan for Excellence IV includes seven main themes for campus development in the coming years.  The Division of Administrative Services will embrace these themes with its own supporting goals.

  • Advance the Plan for Excellence IV by supporting the needs of Fresno State.
  • Lead the development of innovative business practices that improve service to the university community.
  • Foster a campus environment that supports global diversity and proactively responds to ever-changing student needs.
  • Foster a campus culture that promotes employee recognition, creativity, and innovative ideas.
  • Promote employee development programs that foster learning, wellness, and professional/career development.
  • Ensure a safe, environmentally responsible campus that promotes sustainability and public safety.
  • Support development of the Campus Master Plan.
  • Implement change across the division.
  • Exemplify institutional fiscal accountability, transparency, developing alternate resources, and supporting sponsored research activities.
  • Deliver an effective technological infrastructure that supports modern approaches to teaching, learning, and administrative operations.