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Furniture and Interiors

For questions or services please call Lori Pardi at 559.278.7742.

Do you have an office initiative related to furniture? Are you in need of a new, ergonomic chair or do you need a new workstation? Is your current office space inefficient and in need of reconfiguration? Whatever your furniture needs may be, we're here to help assist you and connect you with the resources you need to make your upcoming furniture project a success.

Getting Started:
First, think about your project and what you seek to accomplish. Then take a look at the Furniture Project Registration Form. In order to get to know you and understand your needs and project goals, this is the form we will fill out when we contact you. Gathering as much information prior to contacting us will help facilitate things. However, don't get discouraged, we do not expect you to be an expert and if you need help defining what your needs are or just have questions, please call us at 559.278.7742.

Project Considerations

  1. Successful projects require time for research and planning. Most furniture items are processed by special order and, although shorter and longer lead time products exist, most standard furniture items will take about 6 - 12 weeks to arrive after Purchase Order has been issued. Please be realistic about expectations.
  2. The campus furniture and project staff is limited, so please allow for sufficient up-front time to have your research and planning needs met. Depending upon the time of year and other work in progress, the time required to adequately and fully address project needs can and does vary.
  3. New furniture plans and reconfigurations/modifications to existing furniture must be in compliance with current code regulations. Furniture plans require review for accessibility.
  4. If your goal is to obtain a budget estimate for a potential project, please specify at the time you contact Facilities Planning.
  5. Depending on the complexity and cost of a plan, a project may be subject to the competitive bid process through the Procurement Department. This process can extend the time required to complete your project and needs to be factored into scheduling and planning exercises.
  6. Environmental requirements such as abatement of asbestos & lead, wall repairs, data and phone relocations, paint, re-carpet, relocation of electrical / plumbing, temporary storage needs or storage.
  7. The campus generally recommends the use of neutral colors and quality, long lasting furniture solutions. Contract, commercial grade furniture is a campus requirement. No residential furniture items will be approved for purchase.
  8. The campus prefers freestanding furniture solutions to wall mounted solutions. The campus recommends furniture solutions that maintain wall access under the work surface with full access to walls outlets and building services.
  9. In compliance with campus standards and Title 24, task lights are no longer permitted. A lighting assessment request may be submitted to the campus Utility Manager, Ron Leach for consideration.
  10. Coordinating furniture installation may include, but not limit to:
    1. Workspaces must be readied to receive furniture.
    2. If you require Campus movers please call 559.278.7977, allow ample time to coordinate this request.
    3. Installation is to be performed during business hours, unless otherwise specified during the planning stages - special hours may be subject to additional fees.
    4. A representative from the department will need to be present during installation, unless arrange prior to installation of furniture.
    5. Upper floor deliveries require the use of an elevator, if one is not available, project may be subject to added labor fees.
    6. Hallways and aisle must be kept clear and maintained in accordance with fire and building code requirements.
    7. Installation contractors must comply with campus insurance requirements, please refer them to Procurement & Support Services.
  11. Upon completion of a given project, a vendor is expected to provide a summary walk through creating a punch list which summarizes missing or damaged parts and pieces for follow up and project completion.