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Waste Reduction

Limiting the amount of waste that is created and ultimately ends up in landfills is not only mandated by the State of California, it is essential to save resources and energy. Waste reduction and diversion has been a part of campus history since the 1980's. Limiting campus land-filled waste continues to be a regular part of campus business.

Our campus waste reduction & diversion efforts include:

  • Partnership with Industrial Waste and Salvage which sorts campus waste at its Fresno Materials Recovery Facility. (See Waste Diversion PowerPoint under "Resources.")
  • Partnership with the California Conservation Corp. to provide beverage container recycling inside buildings and at large campus events and gatherings such as all athletic events.
  • Decreasing the amount of paper used by increasing the availability of web-based services.
  • Composting farm waste and exploring expansions into food service waste composting.
  • Mulching and reuse of green waste.
  • Participation in the State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign.
  • Building in recycling requirements for construction and remodeling projects.

Please do not place any of the following items in trash bins

If you have any questions about the campus waste management program, please contact the Office of Environmental Health & Safety, Risk Management and Sustainability at (559) 278-7422.