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Things You Can Do:

  • Take one of our many sustainability-related courses!
  • Practice some simple "green" lifestyle changes
    • Turn off lights & use CFLs
    • Put computers to sleep & turn them off when not in use
    • Use & turn off power strips
    • Unplug chargers
    • Wash clothes in cold water
    • Drive less (See Alternative Transportation)
    • Ditch the plastic...use reusable water bottles!
    • Bring reusable canvas bags when going grocery shopping
    • Purchase the recycled product options when shopping at the Kennel Bookstore
    • Eat less meat and go local (Check out the Fresno State Farm Market!)
    • Take shorter showers & turn off the tap
    • Lower your thermostat
    • And of course recycle!
  • Take a Sustainability Pledge (Coming Soon)
  • Check out the Fresno State activities calendar for upcoming events hosted by EHS RMS!
  • Join a green student organization such as:
    • Recycling Club
    • The Green Issue
    • Students for Environmentally Responsible Agriculture
    • Agricultural Mechanics Power Club
    • Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety Association
    • Natural Science Club
    • Plant Science Club
  • Consider green jobs and career opportunities!