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Quote from John F. Kennedy

By definition, sustainability is the means of meeting the needs of the present while preserving biodiversity and the natural ecosystems for future generations. The need for alternative energy and conservation of the earth's natural resources is greater now than ever. "Going Green" is not a social trend, but rather a necessary means of conserving the land which our livelihood so heavily depends upon.

The university is inherently meant to be a critical conscience of the community and a leader in confronting the social issues at hand. Therefore, when it comes to such issues as reducing greenhouse emissions, minimizing waste, and finding new means of decreasing electricity and water usage, it has become one of the main priorities of California State University Fresno to demonstrate sustainability through action. The Office of Environmental Health & Safety, Risk Management and Sustainability is working cooperatively with a number of other on-campus departments and student organizations who are dedicated to changing the behavior of the university. Collegially, these groups are striving toward making Fresno State an exemplary steward of natural resources. Through long-term thinking, California State University Fresno aims to lower its environmental impact and thus encourage the surrounding community to live sustainably as well.

This web site is designed to display the university's commitment to "Going Green" as well as encourage the entire campus community to join in and participate in this effort!