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Chemical Inventory System

Update 2017 - CSU Safety - Chemicals

Fresno State is pilot-testing a chemical inventory system that would provide chemical users a means to keep accurate inventories of their chemicals.  The use of smart devices, desktop computers and a QR code system of labeling make up the equipment used.  

***Update 11/2017***

Following a recent audit by the CSU Chancellor's Office, use of this system will be mandatory for all research laboratories. Access will be available soon once we have a tutorial completed on how to navigate the website.

Chemical Inventories - Regulatory Requirements

According to California Health and Safety Code - Section 25503.5 and 25514:

A Hazardous Materials Business Plan must be submitted by businesses that handle hazardous material(s) or mixture(s) containing hazardous material(s), in quantities equal to or greater than:

  1. 500 pounds of a solid.
  2. 55 gallons of a liquid.
  3. 200 cubic feet of a compressed gas at standard temperature and pressure.
  4. The federal Threshold Planning Quantity (TPQ) for Extremely Hazardous Substances
  5. Radioactive materials in quantities for which an Emergency Plan is required as per Parts 30, 40, or 70, Chapter 1 of Title 10 of Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

It is our understanding that these threshold quantities are cumulative for the entire campus. For this reason, and for other OSHA employer required training and employee protection programs, your campus EHS/RM staff asks that you submit a updated chemical inventory no less than once a year. For questions or assistance with completing your annual update, please contact EHS/RM at (559) 278-7422.

For a complete copy of the county guidelines, go to Fresno County's CUPA web site.