Robert Boyd Robert Boyd
Associate Vice President for Facilities Management

Associate Vice President's Biography

The Associate Vice President for Facilities Management reports to the Vice President for Administration of the university.

Bob started working in the Facilities Department at Fresno State as a student assistant. His first job was in the electrical shop changing light bulbs. "From those simple beginnings, I really never left the University," says Bob. Bob received his Bachelors degree from Fresno State in Agricultural Economics in 1979 and accepted a full-time position in Facilities Operations.

In the 33 years of his career he has experienced tremendous professional growth and has continued his personal commitment to making the Fresno State campus beautiful, functional and most importantly accessible for all.

Today Bob Boyd leads a multi-talented and skilled team of professionals as the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management. His knowledge, leadership and people skills are widely respected locally and throughout the CSU system.

Bob is committed to building a place for our future generations: "The recently completed Master Plan provides planning for the next ten to twenty years of growth, expansion, and renewal.

We are proud that our campus recently celebrated its centennial.  However, with an aging campus comes new challenges.  Facilities Management is dedicated to providing continual attention, maintenance, and planning as we prepare for the students of tomorrow."