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Get the latest information about Fall 2021 Repopulation and COVID-19. Before coming to campus, take the COVID-19 Daily Screening.

Medical & First Aid Emergencies

In the event of serious illness and/or injury:

  1. Call 559.278.8400 or 911 from a campus phone.
  2. Do not move the victim unless absolutely necessary.
  3. In case of heart attack or if breathing has stopped, call 559.278.8400 or 911 from a campus phone.
    1. A Fresno State Police Officer will respond. Fresno State Police Officers are trained in CPR and first aid procedures.
  4. Be alert for any jewelry with an inscription indicating a medical condition (for example: epilepsy, diabetes, heart condition) or other medical information. Bring this to the officer's attention as soon as he/she arrives on the scene.
  5. Comfort the victim as much as possible and try to keep him/her calm.