Power Outage

Fresno state has a fragile electrical infrastructure and the campus is susceptible to power outages. Work will begin on the infrastructure upgrades during the Summer of 2014 and will take several months to complete. Meanwhile, the campus must be prepared for the possibility of additional power failures similar to the one experienced December 5, 2013. The unstable infrastructure could lead to isolated or wide spread power failures. Power outages on campus can last for a minimum of 2 hours. The following information provides an overview of what we can all do to prepare should an outage occur.

Be Prepared

  • Keep flashlight(s) handy and check batteries
  • Maintain department phone trees and keep contacts current in cell phone
  • Share information with students and staff at beginning of each semester.
  • Enter Fresno State Police Department in your cell phone 559.278.8400 (or download BDog app on your smartphone).
  • Become familiar with campus Emergency Preparedness information and resources including:
  • Review and Update departmental Business Continuity/Kuali Plan (plan owners - for extended outages)