Methods of Notification

Bulldog Alert

  • Emergency text notification
  • Instructions for ensuring your phone number will receive texts click here.

Fresno State O.N.E. (Outdoor Notification in an Emergency)

  • Outdoor speakers are located around the campus to notify people on campus who are not in a building of an emergency.
  • Emergency messages will follow a siren sound, and will be repeated two-three times.

IP Paging - Intercom Broadcast

  • IP Phones across campus can be used as a one-way intercom from the 911 Center.  Emergency Messages will come across the speakers. 

Web Sites


Emergency Hotline

  • 559.278.4000

Building Safety Coordinators

  • Each campus building has a designated safety officer (or officers) who personally notify occupants of an emergency or need to evacuate.

Radio 1040 AM

  • Tune your radio to 1040 AM!
  • Information will be broadcast across this station as it becomes available.
    • When there is not an emergency on campus, traffic and weather information is broadcast.

Campus Community Email

  • Notices sent to student email accounts.
  • Messages are emailed to Bulletinboard and Infomail accounts (staff/faculty).
  • Subscribe to either or both via the ITS Help Center

Portable Signboards

  • Portable electronic signboards may be posted at main entrances to campus.