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Facilities Management


Energy & Greenhouse Gases

The Department of Facilities Management is actively looking at ways to help promote sustainability initiatives and increase awareness by exploring and implementing greener alternatives. The following changes in campus facilities and systems have helped to minimize energy waste and thus minimize the university's carbon footprint:

  • Conversion of existing indoor lighting to T-8 florescent lamps and electronic ballasts
  • Installation of variable speed drives on various HVAC air handlers
  • Installation of in-direct evaporative coolers in the North Gym
  • Installation of a 30,000 ton/hour thermal energy storage tank
  • Improvement of the outdoor lighting throughout the campus
  • Installation of Vending Misers on soft drink machines
  • Installation of window film to reduce HVAC requirements
  • Replacement of 42,000 standard florescent lamps with 22,000 high efficiency lamps throughout the campus
  • Installation of a "plate and frame" heat exchanger for free cooling
  • Installation of adjustable frequency drives on pumps and cooling water
  • Upgrade of the Energy Management System computer software
  • Re-commissioning of the Science I and Kremen Education buildings systems (Building Commissioning)
  • Re-commissioning of the Central Plant, Family and Food Science and Social Science HVAC systems (Building Commissioning)
  • Conversion of electric motors to high efficiency motors

For information about the our campus carbon emission download the California State University, Fresno Audit of Greenhouse Gas Emissions for 2007-2008 Fiscal Year.