Emergency Plan

Information about the campus emergency procedures are available to all campus employees, students and visitors at:


Building-specific emergency information, including assembly areas, can be found in all campus buildings.

  • Department Safety Coordinators: If special hazards specific to department equipment or activities exist where not already covered by the campus emergency plan establish an SOP for emergency operations. Add to your department SOP folder and ensure employees affected by the special requirement are familiar with the required proceedure. Examples include:
    • Evacuation of a building with fixed fire extinguishing systems that present additional chemical or asphyxiation hazards - like Halon extinguishing systems in server rooms.
    • Evacuation of a building with bulk liquid nitrogen storage that present additional simple asphyxiation hazards.
  • Supervisors: Ensure that all employees receive documented training. This training can be accomplished by:
    • If not immediately accessible on skillport/blackboard have employees view/print/sign campus Emergency Plan powerpoint.
    • Long term this training will be delivered by:
      • Blackboard for non-stateside employees, volunteers and non-paid students.
      • Skillport for all state paid employees including faculty, staff and paid student assistants.