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Campus-Wide IIPP

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Standard Operating Procedures


Campus-wide IIPP

This document details how the University will comply with the IIPP requirements. It lists the compliance responsibilities for:

  • Employees
  • Supervisors
  • Deans, Directors, Department Heads, Department Chairs and Campus Administration
  • Office of Environmental Health and Safety
  • Campus-wide Health and Safety Committee
  • Department Safety Coordinators

IIPP Training

Training to designed to meet the requirements set forth by CalOSHA for Injury and Illness Prevention can be found one of two ways:

Department IIPP Not Required!

Before you scrap everything however a good portion of the work that was done may yet serve a vital purpose!  Please go to the Standard Operating Procedures page and see if what was created will help augment safety at your work site.

In the past departments were encouraged to create and maintain their very own Injury and Illness Prevention Plan.  The scope and content of this was confusing - departments were not sure what exactly this should entail and as a result the produced plans took a significant amount of time to maintain but did not always result in a significant contribution to creating a safer work space.   It is much more vital that the departments read and become familiar with the Campus IIPP and take the Corporate Wide IIPP training offered through skillport.