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The Laser Safety Program is intended to provide for University employees, students and visitors who use lasers with a safe laser use environment. This task is carried out by:

  1. Registering and classifying all lasers to determine their specific safety requirements;
  2. Providing training for all individuals who work with or who routinely come in contact with lasers; and
  3. Conduct periodic safety inspections in the laser laboratories.

Anyone who wishes to use a laser may be required to submit a laser registration form, conduct a laser safety evaluation and complete any required laser safety training; depending on the classification of the laser being used. These requirements may be satisfied through the assistance of the campus Laser Safety Officer (LSO).

In the event of an emergency involving the use of lasers, the LSO and/or the Office of Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management (EHS/RM) must be notified immediately. Laser emergency response procedures are available from EHS/RM.

For assistance or additional information, please contact Michael Burgess, RSO/LSO at 278-5365.