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Fire and Life Safety

The primary goal of fire and life safety standards is the ability of building occupants to avoid injury or death during a fire or other emergency.  The following are examples of conditions and hazards that could increase the risk of a fire and harm to occupants and should be corrected as soon as possible:

  • Improper use of space heaters
  • Excessive or unauthorized storage of combustibles/flammables
  • Blocked egress (cluttered corridors and blocked exit routes)
  • Frayed power cords
  • Unauthorized use of an open flame

Report all suspected fire hazards to your department management, Plant Operations, or to EHS/RM. If the condition is observed after normal business hours, please contact Fresno State Police Department at 911 from a campus phone, or 278-8400 from a cell phone.

If you observe an unsafe condition, do not wait for someone else to call it in - REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY.

In the event of a fire:

  • Call 911 from a campus phone, or 278-8400 from a cell phone.
  • Evacuate if fire is an immediate threat to safety.
  • Use a fire extinguisher only to aid escape or if the fire is small enough to put out with one extinguisher.
  • Do not open closed doors without first feeling for heat. Do not open if hot to the touch.
  • Activate a building fire alarm.
  • Make sure all main hallways and fire doors from all offices are closed to prevent spread of fire.
  • Look for physically challenged persons in the area and provide assistance. In the upper floors of multi-story buildings, assist them to assemble at the pre-designated points.
  • Do not use elevators to evacuate the building.
  • Keep low if smoke is present.
  • Exit the building and proceed to the designated exterior assembly point (see Resources for example of a Building Emergency Posting).
  • Account for all persons you believe were in the building.
  • Report missing persons and physically challenged persons requiring rescue to emergency responders.