Campaign Advocate List

Paul Oliaro Vice President for Student Affairs 8-2541 JA67
John Briar Campus Information Systems 8-6689 OF113

Beverly Malvestuto Campus Information Systems 8-5561 OF113
Khrystine Vong Student Affairs 8-2541 JA67

Kremen School of Education and Human Development
Janell Tatsumura Education Student Services Center 8-0300 ED701

College of Engineering
Helen Martinez Lyles College of Engineering 8-3437 EE94

Henry Madden Library
Terry Lewis Library - Music and Media 8-5804 ML34

Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology
Teresa Ramos Deans' Office 8-2061 AS79
Mike Mosinski Agricultural Operations 8-2011 AG85

College of Arts and Humanities
Dr. Thomas Loewenheim Music Department 8-7547 MB77

College of Health and Human Services
Carmen Chapman Department of Public Health 8-5165 cchapman MH30

College of Social Sciences
Matt Jendian Sociology 8-2891 SS97

Craig School of Business
Linda Tamura Craig School of Business 8-2482 PB8

College of Science and Mathematics
Joy Goto Chemistry Department 8-2530 SB70

Division of Student Affairs
Daryl Fitzgerald Career Services 8-2381 TA61
Marie Romero University Health & Psychological Services 8-2734 HC81

Division of Academic Affairs
Chuck Radke Provost's Office 8-2448 TA51

Administrative Services
Lisa Kao Environmental Health & Safety 8-6910 PO140
Cher Travis-Ellis CIS 8-7829 IT113
Christine Rodriguez Accounting Services 8-5476 JA58

University  Advancement
Angel Langridge University Communication 8-8595 ML49

Department of Athletics
Andy Bennett Strength & Conditioning Center 8-4164 OF87

Division of Continuing and Global Education
Colletta Thompson Continuing & Global Education 8-0422 ED76

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