The University Budget Summary

The University All Funds Summary displayed on page 6 is derived from several funding sources, including State General Fund allocations, revenues (fees and tuition), and reimbursements; Trust Funds which are comprised of resources primarily from the Continuing Education Revenue Fund, Health Fees Fund, Parking Revenue Funds, and the Lottery Education Fund; and, the revenues generated by the University Auxiliary organizations. The General Fund is the predominant source for financing University operations.

The budget presentation that follows begins with an overall University summary of the total expenditure budgets, position information, and prior year actual expenditures (including encumbrances) of these funding sources, followed by separate summaries and detail sections for each area. The General Fund is arranged by baseline allocations (Level A) to each area of responsibility. Position, salary, operating expense, and prior year carry forward budgets for each area within the divisions are also detailed. Similar presentations are provided for each of the Trust Funds and the University Auxiliary budgets. Positions and salary detail are as of November 2005.