Mission Statement & Vision


The University offers a high-quality educational opportunity to qualified students at the bachelor's and master's levels, as well as in joint doctoral programs in selected professional areas. To carry out this mission, the University provides a General Education program and other opportunities to expand students' intellectual horizons, foster lifelong learning, prepare them for further professional study and instill within them an appreciation of cultures other than their own. The University offers undergraduate degrees and programs in the liberal arts and sciences as well as in a variety of professional disciplines emphasizing agriculture, business, engineering and technology, health and human services, and education, preparing students for productive careers and responsible world citizenship. Building upon the strength of these undergraduate programs, graduate programs provide opportunities for personal and career enhancement through advanced study, preparing students for positions of leadership in the arts, sciences and professions.

The University encourages and protects free inquiry and expression, ensuring a forum for the generation, discussion and critical examination of ideas. By emphasizing the primacy of quality teaching and the close interaction between faculty and students, the University seeks to stimulate scholarly inquiry and discourse, inspire creative activity, heighten professional and technical competencies, encourage and support research and its dissemination, and recruit and develop outstanding teacher-scholar/artists.

The University fosters an environment in which students learn to live in a culturally diverse and changing society. Within that environment, it strives to develop a community founded upon mutual respect and shared efforts, in which individuals can communicate openly and work together to enrich the lives of all and to further the growth and excellence of the University. The University seeks and encourages historically underrepresented students to embark upon and complete a University education.

The University serves the San Joaquin Valley while interacting with the state, nation and world. The University is a center of intellectual, artistic and professional activity. Through applied research, technical assistance, training and other related public service activities, the University anticipates continuing and expanding partnership and linkages with business, education, industry and government.


Our vision is to be one of the nation's premier interactive universities, recognized for quality teaching, transformational scholarship, and cultural leadership for the benefit of society. To realize this vision, the university will adopt the following priorities:

  • Develop an engaged and diverse student learning community with graduates who value lifelong learning, possess a broad general education, communicate effectively, are mathematically literate, appreciate the fine arts, are committed to the principles of tolerance and freedom, and are concerned with the welfare of others and society.
  • Recruit and retain high quality, diverse faculty, dedicated to teaching, research, creative activity and service, and are recognized for their active involvement in the application of knowledge.
  • Recruit and retain high quality, diverse staff and administrators dedicated to the support of the academic mission of the university.
  • Engage in high quality research and creative activity in all disciplines, with particular emphasis on applications that support the region.
  • Build upon existing academic programs and create new academic programs to help transform and develop the region.
  • Support and develop high quality graduate programs appropriate to the needs of the region, and achieve the Carnegie classification of "Doctoral/Research University-Intensive" (for Carnegie classification information see www.carnegiefoundation.org).
  • Play a major role in transforming our region by employing the university's resources for the solution of problems and improvement of the lives and livelihoods of its citizens.
  • Establish partnerships and alliances that serve the region and work with educational institutions to improve the commitment, quality, and value of education.
  • Establish a positive and productive working environment for the entire university community, which values the individual; supports teamwork and cooperation; requires honesty, integrity, and civility; and inspires enthusiasm and pride.
  • Commit to continuous improvement by planning, implementing, and evaluating new strategies and improving the university's operational and technological infrastructure to enhance instruction; support scholarship, research, creative activity and service; and facilitate the delivery of support services for students, staff, faculty and alumni/ae.
  • Search effectively for resources from a wide range of sources to support all members of the university community in their quest for innovation and excellence.
  • Demonstrate and communicate the quality of the university's programs, its students, faculty, staff, and alumni/ae and its many and diverse centers of excellence.