Student/Group Travel

Group Leader

One person from the group should be assigned as the Group Leader. The Group Leader must travel with the group to the destination. He/she will be financially responsible for the entire group.

Any advance or reimbursement issued for the group's expenses will be paid to the Group Leader, who will then distribute the funds to the students.



  • Airline tickets may be secured through Travel Shoppe in Fresno, and the invoice paid by Accounting (Please see Travel Supplier Payments below).
  • Individual Students traveling on state funds may use the Business Travel Account (BTA) Direct Bill account as a "Guest Traveler". Prior approval must be obtained by submitting a BTA Action Request form to Accounting Services on behalf of the student.
  • Student Groups traveling on state funds may use the BTA Direct Bill account. Prior approval must be obtained by submitting a BTA Action Request from to Accounting Services on behalf of the student group. Group travel arrangements must be made with a CALTravelStore agent directly. See CALTravelStore/Concur for more information

Car Rental

  • A student or Group Leader may choose to take advantage of State Car Rental rates through Enterprise by using the appropriate California State University Fresno Corporate Code. The rental car must be prepaid and will be reimbursed on a Travel Expense Claim form.  Please call the Travel Desk to obtain the appropriate corproate code. 
  • The Car Rental Business Travel Account (CRBTA) Direct Bill account is not available for student or student group travel use
  • If a driver is not a university employee, a Volunteer Form must be on file with Human Resources.  Contact Human Resources at 278-2032 for more information
  • Proof of completion of Defensive Driving Training will be required. Contact Environmental Health & Safety, Risk Management and Sustainability Office at 278-7422 for more information
  • 15-passenger van rentals are prohibited
  • Students, volunteers, and non-state employees traveling on state business should contact the Travel Desk at 278-2911 for special rental instructions to ensure state-required liability insurance is included in the rental.

Please refer to Vehicle Transportation for more information about car rentals and Enterprise.

Private Vehicle

  • Please read the policy on Policy Vehicle Use before arranging a rental car
  • Proof of completion of Defensive Driving Training is required.

Travel Advance

Travel Advances may be issued to students and student group travel:

  • The minimum amount for an advance is $100
  • Advances will not be issued earlier than two weeks prior to departure without written justification
  • An advance will not be issued if there is an outstanding advance for a prior trip.


Conference registration fees may be prepaid by Accounting Services by filling out the "Registration Fees" portion of the Travel Expense Claim, attaching original registration forms and proof of payment for all students participating. The Travel Expense Claim is available from My Fresno State > Forms Portfolio.

Travel Supplier Payments

Travel supplier payments such as travel agencies or conference registrars, may be paid in advance by submitting a Direct Pay form to Accounting Services. Direct Pay forms must be received at least two weeks prior to the event to allow time for processing. 

Submitting a Direct Pay Form 

  • Access and fill-in the form online at the My Fresno State > Forms Portfolio
  • Attach original invoice(s), receipt(s), or registration
  • Attach Payee Data Record-Form 204 if necessary
  • Obtain original approving signatures according to the current travel approval procedures
  • Send the completed form and supporting documents by campus mail to Accounting Services M/S JA58