Policy on Establishment of Bank Accounts

California State University, Fresno

This policy is intended to provide guidelines related to the deposit of funds into California State University, Fresno (the University) accounts, into California State University, Fresno Foundation (the Foundation) accounts, and/or into off-campus bank accounts with proper approval.

Establishment of Off-Campus Bank Accounts:

The State Administrative Manual (SAM section 8002.5) states,

"Employees involved in activities which are not an integral part of State programs or operations must be involved only on their own time and without the use of State equipment or supplies. Any funds, which are collected or controlled by State employees for such non-State activities, are not to be accounted in the State Treasury. Non-State monies are to be collected, controlled, and expended in a manner that will prevent any implication that the State is a sponsor or participant in those activities."

The establishment of off-campus bank accounts by State employees for activities associated with any unit of the University are to be strictly monitored and controlled. Any requests for University related off-campus bank accounts must be submitted and approved by the University Controller prior to the establishment of the account.

Deposit of State Funds into University Accounts:

"State money" is defined as any funds associated with the University, or a University sponsored event, received by a University employee in the course and scope of his/her employment. This includes, but is not limited to, miscellaneous course fees, fines, trust accounts, and/or class projects. All "State money" must be deposited into University accounts at the cashiering office in the Joyal Administration Building.

Deposit of Funds into Foundation Accounts:

The Trustees of the California State University may be the recipients of certain types of gifts. The University President (or his/her designee through the office of University Advancement) will make the decision as to the manner in which these types of gifts are to be channeled.

Gift funds must be recorded and deposited in Foundation accounts. The President of the University is legally designated as the recipient of all gifts and donations to the University and/or the Foundation, and other auxiliary entities. The Foundation has been established as a 501.C.3 organization, so that it can receive gifts from donors and in turn, the donors can claim tax deductions. However, in all cases, all gifts must first be received by and processed through the office of University Advancement.

For specific details on the handling of gifts see the following:

  • University policy #611-1 (Academic Affairs handbook), "Gifts to the University - General Guidelines -Solicitation, Acceptance, and Acknowledgment of Gifts"
  • "Gift Policies and Procedures Manual" published 6/99 by the office of University Advancement
  • Foundation Circular 94-2, "Policy on Private Donations"

Grant and Contracts:
Receipt of grant and contract funds administered by the Foundation must be recorded and deposited in Foundation accounts. There may be rare occasions when the grant or contract will need to be recorded and deposited in University accounts instead of the Foundation. You will be notified by the Foundation when this situation exists. See University policy #501 (Academic Affairs handbook) and the Foundation Project Director's Handbook published 6/99 for additional information.

Self-Support Instructional Programs:

Self-support instructional programs are governed by the campus policy, "Fiscal Management of Self-Support Instructional Programs". This policy governs fiscal control for these programs.