Frequently Asked Questions

Question/Error Message Answer
The printer took my money and did not print my job Use your mobile device or computer to submit a Pay for Print Refund Request form
When I swipe my Bulldog Card I get the error "Unable to read card"  You may have swiped your card to fast, or not completely flat. Swipe your card again slowly.  If the problem persists Pay for Print may be offline.  Call 278-700 for assistance.
When I swipe my card I get the error or "this card does not exist?" You may have swiped your card to fast, or not completely flat. Swipe your card again slowly.  If the problem persists bring your card to the Bulldog Card Office in Joyal Administration Building, Room 156 for assistance.
Why did I get a message that says I do not have money on may card when I know that I do? Sometimes this message appears if the machine has been in sleep mode and the card swipe was not completely read.  Swipe your card again, and if the problem persists. Call 278-700 for assistance.
 If scanning is free why do I get a message saying that I have no money on my card?  Scanning is free; however, you still need at least $0.12 (the minimum) on your card to activate the machine. No money will be taken from your account for scanning.
 What if I need to print on a different paper size than 8.5" x 11?" The Madden Library printing assistance area offers one printer with legal and tabloid (11 x 17") paper. All other printers have 8.5 x 11"(letter)  paper.  Printers will not print a job that will does not fit on paper available in a printer.
 Why can't I print on A5 paper?  A5 paper is not available.  Please select 8.5 x 11"(letter)  paper from within your computer program before sending to the printer.
Why won't my job print? There could be a number of reasons why, but the most common answer is the paper size selected is not available at the printer.  Make sure to select 8.5 x 11" paper size.  If that does not solve the problem,  call 278-700 for assistance.
 How do I add money to my card?  Add money to your card at the PHIL Stations around campus.  They are located at the Henry Madden Library, 1st Floor, University Student Union Lobby, and Peters Business Building Room 133.  You can also add money online at  Just click on the Bulldog Card tab.
My PowerPoint printed incorrectly Download all files from Blackboard to your computer, then open the file on your computer and send to Pay for Print. Blackboard does not support printing.
Can I view past printing transactions?  Yes.  Log into your Blackboard account at and click on the Bulldog Card tab. Follow on screen instructions for viewing transactions.
Error: "unable to contact LPD service;... Pharos print server"  Wait a few moments and try to swipe your card again.  The printer was unable to connect to the network at the moment the card was swiped.
Error: "There is no suitable printer for this job" Means the printer is not able to accept the print job because paper size is not available.  All printers are loaded with 8.5 x 11 " paper.  
Error:  "An internal server error occurred. No user exists for this name or card number" Did you just replace your Bulldog Card in the past hour? (It takes 1-hour for data systems to recognize new replacement cards) Have you changed your email username lately, or have a password longer than 15 characters?  If no, then it's possible the mag stripe may be damaged, or you are using an old card.  Stop by the Bulldog Card Office for assistance.
Why am I being charged color when I asked to print black and white? This happens when a print job is released to print on a color printer.  If the print job contains even the smallest amount of color, the job is charged at the color rate of .55 cents per page.  A warning about this charge is posted on every color printer.
Error: "No documents available to print" The printer you are attempting to use is offline.  If this error occurs at more than one printer then Pay for Print may unexpectedly be offline.  Call the Help Desk at 278-7000 for assistance.
I send prints jobs and swipe my card at the printer and nothing happens The printer is either offline, or Pay for Print may unexpectedly be offline.  Call the Help Desk at 278-7000 for assistance.
Where are the printers located? There are 41-multi-function machines on campus.  Visit Printer Locations for an interactive campus map.
Error: "Card is inactive" This usually occurs when someone is using an old Bulldog Card.  Bring your card to the Bulldog Card office to be tested.