Student Accounts and Perkins & Nursing Loan Counseling Services

Student Accounts is responsible for disbursement and accounting of financial aid funds, after the Financial Aid Office has authorized an award. Funds disbursed by the Student Accounts Office include State University (SUG), EOP, and Cal Grants, Federal Pell and SEOG grants, Perkins and Nursing Loans, Stafford and Alternative Loans, and some foundation scholarships. The Franchise Tax Offset Program, student billings, and stop payment of checks is administered by this office also. For a more detailed list of responsibilities, please see the Responsibility Chart.

Perkins and Nursing Loan Counseling Services works closely with students while they are in school regarding their Perkins and Nursing Loans (the application and approval being handled by the Financial Aid Office, as for other types of Financial Aid). Then, when a student leaves school, this unit continues to work with the former student regarding the repayment of these loans.

Additionally, the Student Loan Collections Office handles the application for and authorizes approval of short-term Emergency Loans. These are available to qualified students with unanticipated educational expenses.

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Name Position Phone #
Catalina Reyna-Navarro Student Loan Counselor (559) 278-4053
Melissa Waite Student Loan Counselor (559) 278-4164