Perkins & Nursing Loan Counseling Services

We Have Moved

 We are now located in Joyal Administration Room 152, one door down from our previous location in the Joyal Administration building.

Submit an application and receive a decision for Perkins and Nursing loans through the Financial Aid Office.  We provide counseling and support to students after the loan is awarded.  Then, when a student leaves school, we continue to work with him/her on the repayment of the loan(s). 

Click here to learn more about the Federal Perkins Student Loan.

Click here for loan payment deferment information and downloadable forms for Perkins/Nursing Programs from Educational Computer Systems, Inc.

Emergency Loans

Loan Counseling Services accepts applications for, and approves short-term Emergency Loans. These loans are available to qualified students with unanticipated educational expenses. Click here to learn how to apply for an Emergency Loan.

Name Position Phone #
Melissa Waite Student Loan Counselor (559) 278-4168