Chart of Accounts consists of 6 fields when combined define specific ChartField string. ChartFields are required to define the appropriate funding source for transactions and are used in procurement, budgeting, month-end reporting and labor cost distribution at Fresno State. Click here a brief explanation for each of the 6 fields.

Quick Reference Table

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Name PDF Excel Last Updated
Account Download Download 02/26/18
Fund Download Download 02/25/19
Department Download Download 02/04/19
Class Download Download 02/04/19
Program Download Download 02/04/19
Project Download Download 02/04/19
Cross-Ref Old/New Account #'s
Download Download 07/01/18
Cross-Ref Old/New Fund #'s Download Download 06/13/19
Expense Definition Chart  Download Download 02/26/18
CSU Fund Definitions Download Download 06/19/17


ChartFields Fields Explained

A chart of accounts is stored In PeopleSoft. This information is used to categorize transactions and budget data. You can record a transaction by product, project, policy, fund, service or any number of categories in a ChartField. There are six fields called ChartFields. All six fields together is called a ChartField string.

Account: Identifies the type of activity and is a required field on all transactions.

Fund: Is a 5 digit – alphanumeric value which identifies the source of funding and is a required field on all transactions.

Department: This value is required on all revenue (5-xxxxx) and expense (6-xxxxxx) transactions to identify the campus department responsible for the transaction.

Class: Used to track specific activity.

Program: Used to identify transactions of university-wide programs.

Project:  Assists in tracking transactions for university projects which are defined as having a specific beginning and ending date.

Fund Analysis Project

In fiscal year 2017-2018, a committee was formed to define the types of activities to be reported in the various fund types to provide consistent reporting between the 23 campuses and the Chancellor’s Office. As a result of this project, campuses are required to eliminate CSU 543 and 544 fund types and align activity in other funds by June 30, 2019 pursuant to direction from the Chancellor's Office.

Therefore, Accounting and Budget staff have been working with key stakeholders in various departments to evaluate activity in all 485xx, 496xx, 543xx and 544xx funds. As a result, some funds have been combined or closed as appropriate. However, the majority of funds analyzed have been assigned new fund numbers and are set up for use in PeopleSoft. Please start using the new funds immediately for Direct Pays, Billing Requests, Deposits, Purchase Orders, etc.

This change will also require any Item Codes, Item Types, Payroll and Purchase Orders using these funds to be updated. Accounting will work with Cashiering and Student Accounts to change the chartfield on item codes and item types, respectively. Departments will need to contact the Budget Office to change payroll chartfields and the Procurement Office to change chartfields on Purchase Orders, Procard and Staples.

Trust Fund Approval Forms will also need to be submitted. Please click “Revised”, enter the new fund number and include “This fund is replacing Fund xxxxx” in the first section of the form, “Purpose of the Fund”. The form is located at My Fresno State>Forms Portfolio> Electronic Forms>Finance>Trust Fund Approval.

Accounting will work with departments on journals to transfer account balances from the old fund to the new fund. Old funds will be closed approximately 45 days after account balances have be transferred to the new fund, but no later than June 14, 2019.

The Fund Analysis Project Fund Crosswalk is located on the Accounting Services website. Please check back often as the list will be updated as new funds are added.

Please contact Lora Kutka ( in Accounting Services if you have any questions.

Cross Reference Old and New Account Numbers

Download the PDF or Excel file for "Cross-Ref Old/New Account #'s" shown in the above table. The file contains a listing of changes to expense account numbers.

CSU Fund Definition Chart 

In order learn how certain CSU funds are intended to be used, download the PDF or Excel file listed in the table above entitled "CSU Definition Chart". 

Expense Definition Chart 

In order learn how certain operating expense accounts are intended to be used, download the PDF or Excel file listed in the table above entitled "Expense Definition Chart". 

New Chartfield Additions 

Chartfield requests are submitted to using your email address. Requests submitted with your email address will result in an error message.

Contact Lora Kutka,, (559) 278-4343 in General Accounting for questions regarding changes to or the establishment of new ChartFields for Account, Fund, Class, Program or Project. Contact Pam Lewis,, (559) 278-5295 in Budget for questions regarding changes to or the establishment of Departments.