Chart of Accounts consists of 6 fields when combined define specific ChartField string. ChartFields are required to define the appropriate funding source for transactions and are used in procurement, budgeting, month-end reporting and labor cost distribution at Fresno State. Click here a brief explanation for each of the 6 fields.

Quick Reference Table

(All PDF's and Excel sheets open in a new window)
Name PDF Excel Last Updated
Account Download Download 10/06/17
Fund Download Download 10/06/17
Department Download Download 08/17/2017
Class Download Download 10/06/17
Program Download Download 08/17/2017
Project Download Download 10/06/17
Cross-Ref Old/New Account #'s Download Download 10/06/17

Cross Reference Old and New Account Numbers

Download the PDF or Excel file for "Cross-Ref Old/New Account #'s" shown in the above table. The file contains a listing of changes to expense account numbers.

ChartField's 6 Fields Explained

A chart of accounts is stored In PeopleSoft. This information is used to categorize transactions and budget data. You can record a transaction by product, project, policy, fund, service or any number of categories in a ChartField. There are six fields called ChartFields. All six fields together is called a ChartField string.

Account: Identifies the type of activity and is a required field on all transactions.

Fund: Is a 5 digit – alphanumeric value which identifies the source of funding and is a required field on all transactions.

Department: This value is required on all revenue (5-xxxxx) and expense (6-xxxxxx) transactions to identify the campus department responsible for the transaction.

Class: Used to track specific activity.

Program: Used to identify transactions of university wide programs.

Project:  Assists in tracking transactions for university projects which are defined as having a specific beginning and ending date.

New Chartfield Additions 

Contact Lora Kutka,, 278-4343, General Accounting for the establishment of new ChartFields for Account, Fund, Class, or Project.