Copy Cards

Bulldog Card in coordination with Procurement and Technology Services produces Copy Cards for distribution and use with the new swipe-only multifunction (print/copy/FAX/scan) machines distributed to campus during the months of October and November 2016.


Employees will use their Bulldog (ID) Card to swipe and operate the new multifunction machines. 

Student Employees

(Student Assistants, Work Study, Teaching Assistants, etc.,)

Students employees cannot use their Bulldog (ID) Card with the department machines and will need a Copy Card.  In the event a student swipes their ID card on a department copier/printer, she/he will be charged for the job and funds deducted from their Bulldog Card account. Student Assistants will need a department Copy Card.

How to Get a Copy Card

For questions about how to obtain a Copy Card(s) for your area, contact the Technology Services Liaison for your area, or call 278-5000.

Pay for Print

Employee's Bulldog Cards will no longer be accepted for use with Pay for Print. Faculty and staff will need to make a one-time purchase of a Bulldog Bucks card for a $1 from a PHIL Station:

  1. Visit any 1-of-5 PHIL Stations on campus (listed below)
  2. Use cash or debit/credit cards to purchase a Bulldog Bucks card for a $1
  3. Add funds to your account. Minimum cash deposit is a $1 bill. Minimum debit/credit card deposit is $20
  4. Always select "yes" for a receipt. PHIL Stations do not dispense money
  5. Click here for more information about the Pay for Print program on campus.

Find a PHIL Station 

  • Henry Madden Library - Two stations located on the main floor next to printers (behind DISCOVERe)
  • University Student Union - One station located on the main floor next to the fireplace
  • University Courtyard  Atrium - One station located in the Atrium Computer Lab
  • Peter's Business Building, Room 131 - One station located in the computer lab.


Having difficulties with your Bulldog Card, or Copy Card? Call us at 278-5608.  Need to request Copy Cards? Start with a Technology Services Liaison, or call the Help Desk at 278-5000.