Cardholder Uses & Benefits

"What is it good for?"

Your Bulldog Card serves a variety of functions on and off campus. Here are some of the many uses of your card on campus - Take a look....

  • Show your card wherever student discounts are offered in the community and online.  Click here for our list of Student Discounts
  • Check out books and laptop computers, reserve a study room and attend workshops in the Madden Library
  • Swipe your ID card on FAX, Clovis Transit, Bulldog Express and the V-Line buses to ride free
  • Vote vote vote vote vote in Associated Students (ASI) elections
  • Attendance to University Student Events Click here to see what's going on...
  • Access to the Student Cupboard
  • Entrance to the Bike Barns and emergency bike repair kits inside
  • Buy stuff at Starbucks, Taco Bell, Food Court and Paws-n-Go market
  • Access Student Recreation Centers at Save Mart and University Student Union
  • Purchase discounted football season tickets.Free admission to all other athletic events
  • Use your card at any one of 43 Pay for Print machines on campus to print, copy and scan (scanning is free)
  • Entrance to the Student Health Center with co-pay
  • Admission to restricted student only classrooms and computer labs
  • Rent and buy textbooks at the Kennel Bookstore
  • Admission to Student Affairs activities and fairs including Career Expo and Safari 
  • Swipe to open the the Graduate Student Lounge located in the Henry Madden Library, second floor
  • Enterance tp University Courtyard dorm and Residence Dining Hall 
  • Faculty and staff show your card at the Residence Dining Hall for $5 Friday buffets - when advertised
  • Show your card for all transactions at the offices of Admissions and Records, Financial Aid, Cashiering, Student Accounts and Parking
  • Show your card to purchase discounted entertainment tickets and services including movie passes and bus passes, Disneyland and more from the University Student Union Information Center.

.... and more is added all the time.