About Accounting Services

The University Controller's Office/Accounting Services is vested with the responsibility of recording complete, accurate, and timely financial data for reporting purposes and for use by management in planning and decision making. In accounting for University activities Accounting Services observes various types of external restrictions and internal designations. The stewardship responsibility of the office requires the maintenance of records in accordance with requirements of each funding source. The accounting process addresses itself to accounting and reporting on resources used and must provide evidence of compliance with legal provisions.

The office is comprised of separate functional areas with managers providing leadership, supervision, and oversight for each: Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable has the responsibility for agency receivables, general receivables, charge backs, independent operations and trust accounting. Additionally, this area is responsible for all accounts payable functions for the University. Student Financial Services oversees cashiering for all State-side operations of the University and the fiscal responsibilities for the registration cycles, including student account balances. The Financial Accounting unit is responsible for financial statement preparation and coordination related to the annual GAAP audit, Unrelated Business Income Tax and Non-Resident Alien Income Tax issues. Maintenance of the general ledger, fiscal closing, report preparation, and various account reconciliations. Financial Accounting maintains the chart of accounts and is charged with the responsibilities of processing, disbursing, and accounting for awards made by the Financial Aid Office.

In addition, Accounting Services provides financial services, including accounts payable functions, general ledger maintenance and financial reporting for the California State University, Fresno Athletic Corporation.