Accounting Services

Accounting Services is dedicated to facilitating the primary mission of the University by seeking the most cost-effective methods of delivering services while continuing to implement improvement of services to students, faculty, staff and all other customers.

The department is responsible for processing and recording complete, accurate and timely financial information for use with reporting, management, and decision making. The accounting process addresses itself to accounting and reporting on resources used and must provide evidence of compliance with legal requirements.

HigherOne News

Fresno State uses the HigherOne Choice card (with the photo of our mascot Timeout) to help students manage funds they receive from the university, such as financial aid, refunds and scholarship awards. Higher One, a financial services company, is our partner in this effort.

Did you get your HigherOne green envelope?The procedure to receive funds does not require activating the Higher One MasterCard.

For more information, including the three methods available to receive funds go to, and click here for a FAQ about HigherOne and Fresno State.